Socan Annual Report

Website, PDF Report, Infographics, Icons Set

Discover Socan's annual report, SOCAN defends and protects the rights of music creators and publishers, on whose behalf it raises awareness.


The company issues licenses allowing access to music and distributes these royalties in Canada and around the world. For this year's annual report, the return on investment for SOCAN's members was highlighted, showcasing the positive impact their work has on the global music industry. Additionally, the report delved into the various initiatives and programs implemented by SOCAN to support and promote music creators, ensuring their continued success and recognition.

Creative Direction with ITW Consulting


The user experience was a key consideration in designing the responsive design.


The site aims to highlight the financial results generated in 2022. Highlights as well as award ceremonies for artists represented by SOCAN.


To graphically dress the microsite, we played with flat colors and complementarities, daring with original and vibrant colorimetric associations. We also combined very different types of typography, one very bold and compact and the other elegant and fine serif to play on the balance and readability of the titles, the general appearance gives the impression of an editorial document. The experience is intended to be intuitive, easy and immersive. 

The experience is intended to be intuitive, easy and immersive, to make the initial heavy and boring document a pleasant content to read.


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